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About Steve Reese

My wife, Sharon, and I live in Shawnee, where I’ve been in the real estate industry since 1994. We’re firmly planted in our little community, where Sharon teaches special education English at Shawnee High School, where we’re active in the music ministry of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, where we enjoy one of the friendliest Starbucks in existence, and we have family and close friends nearby.

I’m not only an evangelist for my community, I’m Sold on Shawnee as well.

By day, I sell real estate and blog about the world around me, and in my down time, I’m living it up with Sharon all around the Shawnee/OKC metro area. You can probably find us having a yummy happy hour, wine tasting, attending live theater or just hanging out together with each other and with friends.

Much of my life involves service. I feel a strong sense of gratification building up others around me. I’ve served the 10,000+ members of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® to support their education, public image, and consumer advocacy. I’ve served a small real estate company and one with nearly 300 real estate agents to coach, consult, and increase their business. However one of my most treasured roles is serving families with their largest financial instrument—their home. Guiding and advocating for my clients to a win-win is an exhilarating victory!

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